March 13, 2007

A sophisticated new look for Nancy Ajram

Nancy Ajram has just completed the new music video for the song "Shater" (Good) at one of the public schools in Beirut. The song is written by Munther Bu Assaf and composed by Wisam Bstani, and director Saed Al Marouk directed the clip.

In the new clip, Nancy appears in a completely new look that is somewhat sophisticated. She is wearing classical eyeglasses and an old fashioned outfit. The song is expected to be translated into English.

Recently, Ajram has held a charity concert in Dubai earlier this month in which proceeds went directly as aid relief to Lebanese children that were affected by the recent Israeli attacks on Lebanon.

The concert marked the first charitable event Nancy holds in Dubai.

Ajram is preparing to go on tour in the United States. The concert tour beginning on March 16 and ending on the 31st is organized by ‘Stars on Tour.’

Nancy has denied circulating rumors that her recent concert in Berlin was a failure, after Arabs living there boycotted the performance. Nancy denied that local residents refused to hang posters of her near their shops, claiming she is a ‘sex symbol.’

The performance she held in Berlin was attended by a number of Arab Ambassadors to Europe and drew an audience of over 1500, said Nancy, asserting that she enjoys popularity amongst her European fans of all ages.

She hopes those who are creating such rumors will stop spreading lies, she added.


jawad said...

tu es sexy

Deepika Sharma said...

Just love the fashion of Nancy Ajram.

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