October 19, 2006

Nancy Ajram and Elissa’s slinky attire stops them from singing in Kuwait

Sources at the Kuwaiti Ministry of Information have revealed that the ministry has refused to allow a number of female singers to perform in Kuwait during the Muslim holiday Eid El Fitr. The ministry refused to grant permits to concert agents, prohibiting them from organizing events during the holiday.
Nancy Ajram
Lebanese singers Nancy Ajram, Elissa, Diana Haddad and Amal Hijazi were among the singers planning to hold concerts. The decision taken by the ministry was attributed to the inappropriate style of their performances and provocative clothing, considered unsuitable for Kuwait, although the decision did not affect singers from the Gulf countries.

On a different note, an Egyptian court has sentenced a Russian and a Georgian tourist to two years in jail after they were found guilty of robbing Nancy. The two were caught attempting to leave Sharm El Sheikh Airport with their bags filled with jewelry stolen from the singer.

Nancy reported that her jewelery, money, and credit cards were stolen from her hotel room in Sharm El Sheikh, valuing US$115,000. The thieves used Nancy’s credit cards to purchase large amounts of expensive jewelry, which led to their capture.

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