November 24, 2006

Nancy's Kuwait Wars

There's talk that Nancy Ajram will in fact be performing a concert in Kuwait. That's no big deal I guess but if you take into consideration the fact that she's banned from doing so, then it gets interesting.Nancy Agram

Apparently, all public concerts require a license from the Kuwaiti Ministry of Information which Nancy does not have. But she's going to go through with it anyway.
A spokesperson for the Ministry said that Kuwait is a state of laws and proper proceedings and that anyone who does not respect these laws will be prosecuted.

This isn't the first time Nancy has had trouble with the Gulf State.
She was also prevented by the government from performing a number of concerts during Eid al Fitr.

The Ministry of Information doesn't give a reason but it is said that the real reason is Nancy's sexy appearance.

Will Nancy go ahead with the concert and get thrown into a Kuwaiti prison with her short tight skirt?
Will she back down never to set foot again in the rich Gulf State loosing lots of money?
Will she still perform but on the condition of wearing a jilabia?

Tune in soon for another episode of "Nancy's Kuwait Wars"

Posted by Zayed at Waleg.Com

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