November 14, 2006

Nancy Ajram and her first love in Paris

Nancy Ajram will travel to France to hold a series of concerts.

During her stay in France Nancy will also film a new music video for the song “Ya Hubi Al Awal Wal Akheer” (My First and Last Love) under the direction of Ramón Pane.
Nancy Ajram
Nancy held her first performance in Germany on 11 November at ‘Tempodrom Einlass,’ one of the largest concert halls in Berlin. According to the London based Elaph, concert sponsor Hisham Khalil donated a portion of the proceeds to a number of children’s charities in Lebanon and Palestine.

The Kuwaiti Information Ministry refused to allow a number of female singers, including Nancy, to perform in Kuwait during the Muslim holiday Eid El-Fitr. The ministry refused to grant permits to concert agents, prohibiting them from organizing events during the holiday.The rumors claim after Nancy.

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