September 16, 2006

Nancy Ajram robbed in Egypt

Egyptian police have arrested a Russian and a Georgian tourist after they robbed Lebanese singer Nancy Ajram in the city of Sharm El Sheikh, where she was staying last week.

Nancy had reported jewelry for an amount of 30 thousand US dollars, 5 thousand dollars in cash and two visa credit cards stolen from her room.
Nancy Agram
The crooks had apparently used the singer's credit cards, which was the clue that led the police to them. The crooks had charged large amounts of expensive jewelry to the credit cards.

The jewelry store owners identified the crooks to the police who captured them attempting to leave Sharm El Sheikh Airport and when the bags were searched all the reported stolen things were found in their luggage.

On a different note, and in response to circulating rumors that she publicly insulted Syrians and refusing to hold any concerts in Syria, which created uproar to break among citizens against her; Ajram held a press conference to clear her name and justify her position.

At the Sheraton Damascus hotel and amidst crowds of journalists, Nancy stressed that she is always attacked with rumors and never bothers to comment on them and simply works extra hard to present music of the highest standards, but this case is different because the rumors have accused her of insulting a dear Arab nation and its people, a matter she would never think of doing.

Nancy defied anyone who will come up to her and accuse her face to face of making insulting comments against Syrians, and hopes that people in Syria realize that some sick individuals are out trying to create problems and ruin her image.

The singer added that she heard of the rumor like everyone else, and could not understand where it came from, and that she had made her remarks on a television or radio interview and during the interview had gotten into a conflict with Syrian born singer George Wassouf.

Nancy wished that George would back her up and confirm that she never made such remarks. She added that this rumor was created to ruin her scheduled performance in Syria, but nothing can come between her and the people of a nation who she considers are so close to her heart.

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