September 17, 2006

Censorship refuses film about Hassan Nasrallah starring Nancy Ajram

Sources have revealed that Lebanese singer Nancy Ajram was nominated to star in a new film about the leader of Hizollah Hassan Nasrallah, but the Egyptian Censorship Committee refused it.

The idea of the film was presented by writer Mohammad Al Mahlawi and was to star Hassan Yousif and Ahmad Izz. The censorship justified its refusal to allow for the production of the film that it will create tension with Israel and increase hatred in Egyptian streets, which does not serveNancy Agram the national security of the country.

Mohammad revealed that he intends on presenting his idea to a number of Arabic satellite television channels in hope that one will agree to fund and screen the film.

The idea revolves around an attempt by Israel to kidnap Nasrallah through one of its Mosad generals in Lebanon, and who attempts an assignation.

Despite her recent announcement of cancelling all prescheduled concerts in Lebanon and the Arab world due the war that broke off between Lebanon and Israel, Ajram has given her approval to hold a grand performance in London and Paris.

The singer, who was among those that had refused to leave her country while Israel was bombarding Lebanon scheduled to hold a performance in London on August 12 and in Paris alongside UAE singer Hussein Al Jasmy on August 14, but there was a lack of transportation means, due to the destruction of all routes by Israel, the singer was unable to make it to London and Paris on time. The proceeds from both concerts was to go directly to helping Lebanese who were severely affected by the war.

Nancy revealed after the ceasefire was achieved that she has reschedule to hold two concerts in Paris and one in London. The singer stressed that she will do all that is possible to make it to the concerts in order to ensure that the money made will be sent to help Lebanon.

On a different note, Lebanese singer Amal Hijazi’s brother has asked Nancy for her hand in marriage, and the singer has shockingly declined. Nancy said that she is not thinking of getting married until at least 2010.

Amal responded, “I do not understand how Nancy can determine when to love, as if the matter of love is something that can be controlled.”

From Al Bawaba

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