May 2, 2007

Mohammad Huneidi waiting for Nancy Ajram’s approval

Egyptian comedian actor Mohammad Huneidi is still waiting for Lebanese singer Nancy Ajram to make a decision regarding presenting the theme song for his upcoming film “Andaleeb Al Dukki”.

Huneidi is almost complete with filming all the scenes for the new movie and had at a previous stage made a shocking revelation that Nancy will be participating in it without specifying any details.

Despite the extensive calls that the producing company ‘Rotana’ of the film is making with Nancy and her agent, Jiji Lamara, the singer has not given her approval or refusal to present the theme song.

It is stated that the film, which is in its final stages of production, will be screened during the summer season.

Syrian actress Hiba Nour will costar alongside Mohammad in the film, which budget has reached 12 million Egyptian pounds so far. Huneidi’s wage alone amounted to five million. The film is a comedy and the story of it revolves around a young man who dreams of becoming a singer.

On a different note, Nancy has just completed filming her latest music video for the song “Shakhbat Shakhabeet”, which is one of the songs from her new album for children. Director Saeed Al Marouq directed the film, marking his second cooperation with the singer.

Nancy plays the role of school teacher.

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