April 19, 2007

Nancy Ajram sings in Tunisian dialect

After her significant success singing in the Egyptian and Gulf dialects, Lebanese singer Nancy Ajram has decided to present a new song sung in the Tunisian dialect.

Tunisian composer Adel Bundaka revealed that he has prepared a song especially for Nancy, who had repeatedly expressed her hope at being able to sing in the Tunisian dialect and was just waiting to be provided with an appropriate song.

Adel stated that he had met with Nancy and her business manager, Jiji Lamara, more than once in the past and had promised to write a song to the singer.

Adel said that when he presented the song to Nancy, she was very impressed and convinced with the words, reported the UAE based daily, Al Bayan.

On a different note, Nancy has just completed recording all the songs for her upcoming album “Shater” (Good), which is especially for young children and features seven songs.

Nancy had filmed a music video with director Saed Al Marouq, for the song "Shater". The total budget for the clip reached 200 US dollars and was filmed used state of the art technology.

The song was filmed at one of the public schools in Beirut. The song is written by Munther Bu Assaf and composed by Wisam Bstani.

In the new clip, Nancy appears in a completely new look that is somewhat sophisticated. She is wearing classical eyeglasses and an old fashioned outfit. The song is expected to be translated into English.

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