February 6, 2007

Nancy Ajram denies boycott by Arabs in Berlin

Nancy Ajram has denied circulating rumors that her Berlin concert was a failure, after Arabs living there boycotted her performance.

Nancy also denied that local residents refused to hang posters of her near their shops, claiming she is a ‘symbol of seduction.’

The performance she held in Berlin was attended by a number of Arab Ambassadors to Europe and drew an audience of over 1500, said Nancy, asserting that she was not attacked by critics and enjoys popularity amongst her European fans of all ages.

She hopes those who are creating such rumors will stop spreading lies.

On a different note, Ajram has just completed filming the music video for the song "Hubi Al Awal Wal Akheer" (My First and Last Love) under the direction of Ramón Pate in Paris.

The budget for the clip reached US$350 thousand making it the most expensive clip in the history of Arabic music, and it is scheduled to be screened on music channels.

Nancy has completed recording her latest album, especially for children, after she realized they comprise a large portion of her fans.

Nancy is also preparing for another album that features seven songs, including one in the Gulf, Egyptian and Lebanese dialects. The album is considered to be Nancy’s special gift to children everywhere.

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