December 17, 2006

Nancy Ajram is working on her new album

Nancy Ajram is currently recording the songs for her upcoming album, which she plans on releasing during the summer season in 2007.

Nancy AgramSources have revealed that the album is expected to hold the title "Ama Atkhataft Khatfa" (I was Kidnapped), which is also to be the title of the main song that is written by Ikram Al Assi.

Nancy is also continuing her humanitarian work and had recently held charitable works in Egypt, which proceeds went directly to a children's hospital.

Ajram has denied circulating rumors that she has separated from her business manager Jiji Lamara.

Nancy asserted that her relationship with Jiji is as strong as ever and the two form a strong team that cannot be broken.

Jiji said that such ‘lies’ are created by people who are jealous of the success he and Nancy have achieved and only want to damage her stardom.

Nancy and Jiji warned who ever is creating such rumors that once his identity is revealed they will take legal action.

Nancy will travel to France to hold a series of concerts. During her stay in she will also film a new music video for her song “Ya Hubi Al Awal Wal Akheer” (My First and Last Love) under the direction of Ramón Pane.

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